14 outubro 2008

Every little thing is gonna be alright

I sometimes think we people worry way too much about stuff and we end up not enjoying certain moments that will NEVER come back. Maybe I'm just scared with how fast this pregnancy's going: in 22 weeks a baby will be saying hello outside the belly and I think I'm more nervous about it now than I was my first time as a mom-to-be! I began to feel each day was like one more day NOT resting, NOT reading the books I want to, NOT playing enough with Rafa, NOT tidying up the house... And, obviously, I started having far too many negative thoughts (about every little thing).

Well, realising what's going on isn't always enough to change it, so I had to go through the most unpleasant conversation yesterday to finally see it depends only on me! Ok, I can't control evrything, I know, but I guess lots can be done when we're really willing to change some things. When I woke up this morning, I felt different, I actually felt "every little thing is gonna be alright". It made me look at everything with a different look and I like it!

Bruno and Rafa are in the swimming pool right now and I couldn't go because I had to fix stuff around the house, but not even this tragedy is putting me down =D

I hope all of you who read this, try to look at life in a different way and thank God for every minute, every person, every difficulty you have to face during your day!